ALL of the items on this ‘extras’ list were purchased.  With the help of some specific donations from our generous community, we were helped along the way. THANK YOU

The school has given the PTA trustees a list of things that it would like us to purchase for them.  We’ve been asked by several parents and carers to disclose this list in order for those willing and wanting to, to donate specifically towards items.

The list was given in order of priority, with those items in green being highest


Pie Corbett’s Page-Turner Y2 £65.23  Generously purchased already!

Pie Corbett’s Page Turner Y3 £36.74

Pie Corbett’s Page Turner Y4 £38.58

Pie Corbett’s Page Turner Y5 £38.58

Pie Corbett’s Page Turner Y6 £39.50

Pie Corbett poetry spine y3 £33.08



Deluxe chipfoam gym mats £42.95 each x 10

Vertical gym mat trolley £192.95 x 1



Traditional tales singles pack £285 

Oxford accelerated reader pack 1 £380 

Oxford accelerated reader pack 2 £565 

Oxford accelerated reader pack 3 £ 399 

Greatest stories : 8-20 singles £326.50 

Treetops reflect 16-20 singles £115 



Pro Handy Recorder with Accessory Pack £179

Singup.org membership £279



Easy grip groove balls 6pk £19.99 x 4

Agility ladder  £14.99 x 3



Natural materials collection £225

Complete wild weather resource collection £145

Playing games collection £395



Waterproof suits £14.45 x 140 (all year groups)

Forest schools starter pack £229

Multipurpose xl tarp £44.99


Or via PayPal donations

Or you can transfer money directly to the PTA account using reference Teacher’s Wishlist:

CAF Banking
Account number: 00060748
Sort code: 40-52-40

All funds donated through these methods will  be ‘restricted’ and only used to purchase from the list above.

Many thanks