The PTA Committee runs our day to day operations. Our committee is comprised of elected committee members, and general members. We meet approximately once a month.

We are member of that provides us guidance, support as well as the insurance.

Under our Constitution we have four elected committed members:

Chair: Amell Amatino

Deputy Chair: Tanya Stevens

Secretary: Fiona Ross

Treasurer: Sharon Newbury

The non-elected members are:

Artistic Consultant Michelle Davis-Briscoe

Class Representatives Liaison Sam Young

2nd Hand Clothes Shop Lauren Monte

Designer Laura Vallerius

Event Organisation Stacey Bedford

Cash Back 3rd parties Manager Lucy Mooney

Marketing Consultant Reham Habashy

Communication Consultant Karim Gohary

Social Network Jade Menet

Event Organisation Ozlem Jones

When an elected committee member steps down, the post is filled by election at our annual June / July AGM. General members often take responsibility for a range of areas: IT and social media, liaison with class representatives, event organisation, etc.

Class Representatives List

Dear parents and carers please find below the Class Reps list.

Please use Classlist to contact electronically.

LevelClassClass Rep
Reception Yannick NoahLucy Mooney
Reception Yannick NoahWe need someone to replace Giselli Rose
Reception Marie CurieTori Firoozi
Reception Marie CurieEva Allotey
Year 1Marie-José PérecJo Couzens
Year 1Marie-José PérecFlo Mason
Year 1Marie-José PérecFay Tilson
Year 1Simone de BeauvoirMandy Horobin-Worley
Year 1Simone de BeauvoirOla Ajayi
Year 1Simone de BeauvoirMelissa Isaacs
Year 2George SandDanielle Owen
Year 2George SandSharon Soyza
Year 2Haroun TazieffCelo Yenner
Year 2Haroun TazieffLeanne Cummings
Year 3Jacques Yves CousteauMary Sorrentino
Year 3Jacques Yves CousteauAllison Brolly
Year 4Lucie AubracMimi Green
Year 4Lucie AubracHshen Lim

If you would like to put your name forward or have any questions then please email myself

We cannot do this without Class Reps!