The PTA remains grateful for the wide-ranging support we receive from parents and carers to enrich the experience of our children at La Fontaine Academy. The time, energy and creativity shared is invaluable, and the funds you have helped to raise are supporting the school in many ways.
If you have any thoughts and ideas for initiatives to fund, we will consider suggestions alongside the wish list put forward by teachers.

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Our latest fund raising financials

Here are some recently PTA funded items:

  • £1632 for sport equipment
    • 15 warm fleece jacket for the staff
    • Football kits and goal posts
    • Netball kits and goal posts
  • £835 contribution towards the 2 workshops Steel Pans and Problem Solving
  • £1000 for books which all classes can use in reading lessons
  • £1200 for various educative material (£150 per class)

LFA wishlist 2016-17

Some previous fund raising financials

  • Since our last report £825 was donated for the new maths program ‘Mathletics’, which was made possible by your generous contributions and help from Hshen Lim, Sharon Soyza and Danielle Owen to get the ball rolling!
  • We have also donated £700 to the Science and English Workshops and £130.17 to Arts & Craft.
  • Currently in development is the Sports Garden and so far we have spent £104.16

Current Bank balance £983.57. This bank balance figure is subject to change as transactions are awaiting clearing.

Thank you so much for your ongoing contributions and on behalf of the PTA we thank you so much for all your ideas, contributions and support to make La Fontaine Academy a great school for our children to be in.

Figures below are subject to change when new information will be available.

Purchases for School

Maths Equipment522.2
End Of Year Trip63
Sports clothing43.98
School books1394678.34
LFA Sports equipment354
School Workshops700
Arts & Craft130.17
Sports Garden104.16

Events Summary 2015 - 2016

EventIncome £Gross Expenses £PTA Net Income £PTA Net Income 2014/2015 £
Last Night Of The Proms25025430
Quiz Night13234.1497.8690
School Photos000714
Christmas Tree Sales16101610
Christmas Fair1813.72352.171461.55793.64
Book Fair000110.6
Pancake Day153.85.45148.35106.89
Movie Night000188.91
Bastille Day000-10.91
Ice Pops after school00021
Summer Fair0001031.83
Hot drinks after school0000
Easy Fundraising48.81048.810
Cake Sales68.62068.620
Easter Tea Party268.6352.68215.950
Mathletics Donation551.590551.590
ice cream *020-200
Strawberries & Cream155.8538.99116.860
‘*’ denotes ongoing fundraising schemes to contribute to specific projects.
A figure will be determined once new information is available.

Go Cardless 2015-2016

MonthAmount £

Important Note
All the work carried by the PTA, parents and carers complies with La Fontaine Academy Safety Rules.
Please click here to read the PTA Safety Checklist

  • Christmas Party! The make up artist in action, Thanks Hshen!