PTA Tasks List

As there are many of us with little time to meet, here is a summary of where we are up to and how well we are doing 🙂
ItemOwner / CoordinatorStatusNote
FinanceSharon to be elected
In the interim we have Tara (CIMA certified)
In the process of reconciliation
Website updateAmellOngoing
NewsletterAmellOngoingAll content should be emailed to Amell by Saturday afternoon
Email managementLaura Still need to be clean up: GoCardless + Class Fundraising Ltd (Amell)Keep for parents / school correspondance
+ Grants4Schools + PTAUK for monitoring only.
Other use
WorkshopsLucyMural Mosaic (Makiko & Amell) on - Material cost around £800 - need to be fundedPTA contributed to 2 workshops
GrantsLaura Tanya CarolineTo register (£50) to be done
Classlist group has been created
ClasslistAmellOn - has 185 parents
Please use it & post in it and push for further sign up
Classlist School's HomeworkAmell SamAmell to chase up SebastienAmell to check with Sebastien if we can have one owner (Class rep) by class
Sam will liaise with Class Reps
Classlist communication for After Clubs owned by parentsSamTo contact Runnin, Art and TennisAmell will do FR Club
EVENT Fri 10 MarchOzlemNot enough responses.
Please push and ask Class resp to do so too
EVENT Easter egg huntTo be appointed please
Cash Back Scheme LucyCheck how much cash is owed and when / how it will be paind in
Village > Parents owned businessesLucyPlease post appeal on Classlist / Facebook ...etc
Contact all STEP academy's PTAFiona
Fiona to write email
Amell to send it
Book FairAmell with Beth Faherty (George Sand)OnMore volunteers needed
Thu 2 March until Wed 8 March
Pop cornFiona PriscillaOn
Uniform 2nd hand shopLaurenOngoingTo be transfered to Classlist TBD
JumelageAmellChase up school to respond to Amiens
Check they are in good condition
Bilingual BooksAmellOngoing
Bulk order for water bottle holders On hold - I think will be very useful for beginning of the academic year. Not sure for now. Maybe we should do a poll / pre-order to see if there are enough parents interested by this purchase?
EVENT Dad's night outClosed
EVENT Mum's night outFionaClosed
EVENT ChristmasPTA Sam
Christmas PuddingSamClosedPoster and web page done
Christmas CardsSamClosed
Christmas TreesFionaClosed